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Problem statement - 1

I am a taxi fleet owner. I have around 120 cabs. My drivers are habitual in running the AC in stationary and parked vehicles. This is resulting in huge losses to me.

The solution provided:

When a car is stationary for more than 5 minutes the AC will get switched off automatically. It cannot be switched on manually. And when a car has moved for more than 30 seconds the AC will become operational which can be now controlled by the user (can be switched On and Off as usual). The solution was implemented successfully and resulted in huge savings for the operator. We used a microcontroller, a GPS chip and a relay to implement this solution without touching the car’s original circuits. The operator returned after a month with a box of sweets. His ROI was much better now. He was extremely happy.

Problem statement - 2

My company has installed equipment at remote locations. It is getting stolen quite often because most of the sites are unmanned. Can you provide some solution which ensures that we always know the current location of the equipment and also if someone steals the same it should become unusable to the thief so that over a period of time theft cases reduces automatically?

The solution provided:

It is a classic example of asset management and geo-fencing with the additional capability of disabling the equipment if it goes out of the geo-fenced location.

The solution provided was simple and effective. All the equipment deployed countrywide became visible on a server. Geo boundaries were defined for each piece of equipment. When we moved the equipment out of the boundary the system generated alarms via SMS and email and also on the server and certain micro relays were operated in the equipment rendering it useless/beyond economical repair.

The customer was highly satisfied with the solution. He reverted after three months reporting hardly any number of thefts.

Problem statement - 3

One of the truck’s fleet owners approached me to provide a solution to fuel theft by the drivers. He wanted to have real-time data on fuel and real-time reporting of any theft of fuel.

The solution provided:

The solution was simple and straightforward. A GSM modem along with the fuel sensor was installed in around 100 trucks. The logic provided the solution. When the truck is normally running it consumes one litre per 7-8 KMs. It has a definite pattern/rate of fuel consumption. Any variation in this pattern/rate is indicative of theft of fuel. The rapid decrease in fuel is detected and alarms are generated for the owner along with the quantity of fuel stolen. All this happening in real-time. The owner was mighty happy with the solution. Along with this, his all fleet could now be monitored in real-time on his mobile phone with the help of an application we developed. The simplicity of the solution is the key.

Problem statement - 4

We have the sensors deployed for pre-warning of the lightning etc. but how do we warn the people of that particular remote area? We need an announcement system which will be used to announce natural calamities in remote villages. The trigger to announce shall be provided by a server at Delhi.

The solution provided:

A system was developed which will receive a message from the server, switch on the PA system and announce the pre-recorded audio files as per the message received. This system can save precious lives.

Problem statement - 5

I have a large factory and have various fluid tanks which require filling up and emptying frequently based on certain conditions. These tanks have interdependencies on each other. Presently the process of monitoring, filling up and emptying is manual and error-prone. Can you do something?

The solution provided:

Initially, the problem looked complicated. We took two tanks initially which had dependencies on each other. The condition was, if tank A is empty and tank B is full then fluid should get transferred from tank B to tank A. And some other combinations and permutations. One solution was to put wired sensors and controllers along with automated fluid valves. This solution was expensive and would require a lot of civil work. We decided to provide a complete wireless solution. Wireless controllers along with sensors and wireless valves were deployed for these two tanks initially and on successful testing the solution was provided to all the 40 odd tanks in the factory with a central controller running the complete logic defined by the user. All wireless and cheaper solutions without disturbing the current aesthetics of the factory. The owner was happy with reduced manpower, increased production and an error-less system.

Problem statement - 6

We have a large number of equipment moving around the country as per customer requirement. We need to have the following solutions:

  1. Asset tracking for all our assets. 

  2. Remote control (switching ON and OFF) of all our equipment from a central location

The solution provided:

The following solutions were provided:

  1. QR code bases asset tracking solution.
  2. GPS is installed in all the equipment for real-time location.
  3. Remote control solution for all the equipment.

All these solutions were provided on a single platform for ease of operation. The customer is fully satisfied and has improved operations and optimized manpower.

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